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Designing meaningful brands that

You're building your passion into a full-time endeavor. Even though every corner of the market feels saturated at times, you know you have something special to offer.
A unique story to tell.

An effective brand strategy is an important part of building that connection with your audience and sharing, even on a subconscious level, those qualities that set your business apart. Why? Because we may not like to admit it, but we are visual beings who have a tendency to judge a wine by its label (yes, I do this!). That's why the right logo and branding has such a powerful effect on the perceived value of your business.

Accents. Everywhere I go, I have one. Growing up in beautiful southwest Virginia I developed a pretty thick Appalachian accent along with an effective jumpshot and a love of drawing. Art was a passion early on and basketball was my business plan, which led me to a D1 scholarship at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Enter the mid-west accent. Here I lost some of my southern twang but graduated with honors and a degree in Art and French.

a little about my story

After college, I followed my passion for language, culture, and basketball, moving overseas to Belgium where I continued to play and learn Dutch on the side. Enter the European accent. 

In 2011, I rekindled my love of art and started this design studio. Through my graphic design background, illustrative skills and cultural experiences, I strive to help other small businesses compete and thrive in their industry.

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Through the years, I've learned that crafting a beautiful design doesn't start with putting pen to paper. It starts with good communication, research, and clarity.

One of my jobs as a brand designer is to help you gain clarity about what I consider the #1 Brand Design Essential:

Understanding what you want your brand to communicate

In fact, I find this so important that I've put together a series of FREE branding worksheets just for you. Sign up through the link below to get this brand essentials toolkit sent right to your inbox.

My Design Approach