Floral Stylist • Belgium

GreenGreetz is a floral styling studio run by Heidi, a bright and bubbly creative with a passion for people, wildflowers, and authenticity. She offers gorgeous bouquets that are inspired by less-conventional, seasonal blooms. Along with her own floral workshops, Heidi's mission is to cultivate GreenGreetz into a communal space for other creative workshops as well.

Beginning with hand-drawn floral illustrations and a quest for the perfect font style, I began to sketch out the initial logo concepts that best matched the design brief and overall branding goals. 

The wildflower wreath stood out very early as a promising logo concept. The circular movement spoke strongly to the connectedness of community and sharing creative know-how. The free-flowing wildflowers captured the essence of Heidi's style and gave a very natural, organic feel.

initial design concepts

natural • creative • community


Heidi came to me looking for a brand identity to solidify her side-passion-turned-profession that had previously been operating without a distinct brand style or logo. One of her main motivations was to establish herself as a professional in the industry and expand her visibility. Longing to grow with other like-minded creatives, the aspect of community and connecting with others was a key focal point early on in the design process.

The design brief

We wanted the brand colors for GreenGreetz to evoke a warm, creative energy while also feeling grounded. To achieve this, we selected a very natural, muted palette with a pop of coral pink. 

the color palette

To tie it all together, we designed a series of custom illustrations for the business cards that depict the services at GreenGreetz, particularly to show that it extends to other creative workshops as well as florals. At the end of the project, all brand elements are assembled into a brand style guide for easy reference and to keep the brand identity cohesive going forward.

brand elements

We're dedicated to creating purposeful design that not only looks gorgeous, but also effectively communicates your uniqueness and core values of your business.

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