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Gen is the vibrant nutritionist behind WithExtraVeg, a vegan food blog that educates and inspires other vegan mothers on their journey to health. Along with kid-friendly recipes and meal planning resources, she shares her expertise in simple, actionable ways to help other families feel confident in their decision to go vegan.

approachable • confident • simple • wholesome • fun


After a few years of operating with a diy logo, Gen realized that she wasn't attracting the right audience. She wanted a more strategic approach that would communicate her blog as a place for families looking for practical recipes and healthy tips from a licensed nutritionist. Health that's fun and affordable for every family is the foundation that inspires her work. Digging deeper into the brand analysis, we knew these important messages needed to shine through the rebrand in an effective way.

motivation for rebranding

The original look of WithExtraVeg was quite clean and orderly, but it lacked a sense of approachability and trust, which are essential to the core brand message. We addressed this in a number of ways including the typography, color palette, and hand-drawn elements.

The typography is cheerful and simple, slightly playful but not childish. The subtle character and roundedness adds to the approachable feel.

The photography style is bright and colorful with plenty of white space and a strong wholesome quality. These elements were already evident in their photography and the brand refresh helps bridge that gap in the communication to tie it all together.

the brand strategy

Opting for a natural color palette of green and brown tones seemed like an obvious fit for the brand, yet we still wanted to convey an upbeat, welcoming vibe. To achieve this, we crafted a vibrant palette of rich, warm hues. The rhubarb red brings an added confidence and energy while also serving to make the main logo more legible with more emphasis on the word "extra".

the color palette

We're dedicated to creating purposeful design that not only looks gorgeous, but also effectively communicates your uniqueness and core values of your business.

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