Handmade Organic Soap

Since 2018, owner and maker Ida has been dazzling Belgium with her organic soap blends. Using only the best plant-based ingredients and essential oils, her soaps are all unique recipes hand-crafted with love. Working with Ida to help bring her vision to life continues to be an absolute pleasure.

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As a start-up, Ida came to me for a brand identity to help her new passion debut in style. She wanted a strong logo that would make an impact while still conveying the handmade, organic nature of her business. While many eco-friendly brands that take a soft, subtle approach, Zida's brand is unashamedly bold and vibrant, while still being deeply rooted in natural goodness.

logo & branding

Zida soaps (and packaging) embrace lively, impactful bursts of color, which is why we selected a more neutral color palette for the brand itself. It was important for the brand colors to feel grounded and earthy, while also complementing the vibrant and varying collections of soap blends.

the color palette

As the Zida collection continues to expand, so do the unique packaging designs to capture the distinctiveness of each new blend. To achieve this, we use a combination of fluid art (designed by her talented aunt) as well as my hand-drawn botanical illustrations in her soap labels, often showcasing the herbs and essential oils used.

packaging design

"When I met Carrie in 2017, I was dreaming about my own logo. Now I am so pleased with the result! What I feel on the inside shines through in Zida. Our collaboration since continues to be a success."

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